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Voice on hold is a really simple and effective way to communicate to existing customers and potential new ones with engaging information and offers that keep them on the line. There are many articles and research out there that indicates that the average person will spend at least 10 hours per year on hold the telephone. That is a lot of time on the phone. Business savvy companies can use this opportunity to effectively communicate directly to potential clients whilst they are waiting on the line.

Advertising on hold
Without effective messaging, potential clients might get frustrated, drop the call and go somewhere else to buy their goods or service .An effective voice on hold message holds the attention of potential clients and makes sure they stay on the line, thereby increasing your sales effectiveness and revenue; 1 customer gained because of effective voice on hold messaging can pay for the service immediately.


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Alistair worked with me on two television campaigns for Outsurance and some radio campaigns for Virgin Atlantic. He has a unique ability to quickly “get” the nuances of characters and the reads required whether they be commercial or character voices. This, coupled with an array of near perfect accents make him very versatile and able to give clients what they need and very quickly. Work with him!

Stephen Webster

The Work Room

Alistair is a highly talented, professional individual who is well trained in the art of voice overs. Whilst working on a project for MiX Telematics, he managed to hit the mark with very little voice coaching. Alistair’s ability to adapt his voice to the required tone and pace is remarkable. He is a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Janine Fynn

MiX Telematics