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As a voice artist, the thing that I get asked to do most often is voice over narration for corporate voice overs or commercial voice overs. Nowadays with the advent of Youtube, social media, companies are looking to present themselves in a more interactive way. This means that there are a lot of explainer videos being created with an associated voice over. Just making a video of your company with text only is quite boring and dry.

The challenge for me as a voice artist is to bring any script alive and to really sell the company, product or service. Simpler said that done. When you are talking about underwater rock drilling or some new tile grout, the subject matter and words are quite technical and dry. I have to make highly technical and complicated scripts sound interesting, alive and full or promise. With corporate voice overs, you need to be able to alter your cadence and tone to highlight problems and then offer “the solution” with a completely different tone. It is the Jeckyll and Hyde effect….make the listener feel and realise their latent pain and then give them light at the end of the tunnel, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Voice over narration is also aligned to what I do and this also presents a unique set of challenges. With all corporate voice overs, the important thing for me is to understand what sort of corporate voice over the client is looking for. Reference voice overs are key to this process otherwise I do what I feel is correct for the subject matter. Oftentimes client’s marketing departments have an expectation of what an effective voice should sound like. I also find that I have to edit the scripts I get as they are written in house and contain inaccuracies or impossible sentence lengths i.e. no person would ever speak 5 lines in one breathe.

Nevertheless, I have done enough corporate voice overs to know how to bring the dullest of scripts to life!


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